Stockwellcare Services


Supported Living

Our supported living service is a total package of care support provided to the service user. This service is appropriate to the service users who require 24-hours care support in their homes. It is also available for those who require specialised care to support them in managing their daily life. Each service user requiring supported living is assigned experienced care workers, each working on a three weeks cycle to safeguard the service user.

Please contact us at Tel: 0207 0182721 / 0208 7644700 | Email with any questions about supported living at Stockwellcare.

Home Care Services

At Stockwellcare our home care service  is available for people who require support through daily tasks, such as washing. personal hygiene, toileting and dressing. We also support service users through domestic tasks including shopping, laundry, cooking and eating meals.

Stockwellcare is committed to delivering companionship to our service users in their community. Our staff are trained to accompany service users to participate effectively in the community and attend to their appointments. This companionship is a reassurance to safeguard the service users within the community.

We work with service users to regain lost skills and develop new skills to explore new ways of doing things for themselves and take control of their lives, encouraging service users to have confidence and feel good about their lives.


Specialist Care

Dementia Care

A person who has dementia exhibits memory loss. This leaves the person in a state of confusion concerning the time and activities of the day. The person finds it difficult to carry through any tasks. Through the support of the service user, their family, health and social professionals we develop a programme

  • – To improve the service user wellbeing through provision of constant personal care
  • – Establish and maintain a routine of daily living for the service user
  • – Accompany the service user to shopping, day centre, and other social activities
  • – Liaise with the family to encourage more bonding in terms of providing the service user daily activities
  • – Encourage and prompt medication administration
  • – Encourage healthy eating habit
  • – Monitor the service user closely

Palliative Care

We provide high quality care for all adults at the end of life (palliative care). Our aim is to provide needs- based services to ensure that the service users live quality life until their last day. Caring for people with the end of life requires good experience not only to work with the family but also understanding what the person considers as “good death” i.e. keeping their wishes. Our approach is based on treating people as an individual, with dignity and respect ensuring that the person’s wishes are followed, being without pain and other symptoms, being in familiar surroundings and being in the company of close family and/or friends. There are practical steps we undertake including coordination of care, managing the last day and care after death. 

The sensitivity of this service means we reviewed our staff skills regularly to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes related to care for the dying and improving end of life care. As a result, we embedded end of life care in our training programmes at all levels and for all staff groups. End of life care is also included in our induction and in continuing professional development programmes.

Mental Health

Mental illness can affect all people from young children to the elderly. It is different in everybody and there are many differing causes. Mental illness can prevent individuals from enjoying life without the right support and intervention. We don’t treat the mental illness but provide support with daily activities that may have become more difficult such as: Bathing and personal appearance, social activities, housework and light domestic duties, preparing meals, medication management etc.

Our philosophy is to focus on specific outcomes outlined by our service users. We support individuals to live within the context of their mental health condition through working together with caseworkers, social workers, family members, friends, and others working with individuals to support them to reach their goals.

Physical Disability

Our team supports and mentors people with physical disabilities to live as independently as possible, encouraging and helping them to get the best out of life. Individuals can choose the type of care support at home they feel they need with complete personalisation, we can provide personal homecare, practical help at home and social inclusion -arranging trips out, visiting friends and family. We work with individuals, rather than for them, supporting them to do things for themselves as much as possible.

Learning Disability & Autism

Our team is trained to win the trust of our service users and encourage them to build up their confidence. We are able to support and motivate the service users to use their skills in daily activities including job opportunities and become more active members of the community.

Haringey Service

Stockwellcare strives on significant developments in establishing a present in North London working with London Borough of Haringey after securing a contract and being enlisted as an approved adults social care provider within the Borough. Stockwellcare is also enlisted provider working with Haringey Clinical Commission Group (CCG) which is part of Pan-London AQP domiciliary / continuing care providers. Stockwellcare Haringey is situated at Tottenham close between seven sisters and Tottenham Hale stations.

Stockwellcare Haringey provides a wide range of services

  • – Support and care for adults in the community who need help in their own home
  • – Care for those who suffer dementia
  • – Care for those with physical and learning disabilities
  • – Care and support for those who suffer from mental illness

Please contact us at Tel: 0207 0182721 / 0208 8851555 | Email with any questions about our Haringey Service at Stockwellcare