About Us

StockwellCare Support Services is a domiciliary and support care provider. The service evolved from early ground-breaking contributions in local authorities’ social care combined with a vision for Adult Social Care: Capable Communities and Active Citizens. StockwellCare aims to work with local authorities, voluntary organisations, service users to implement the renewed partnership agreement Think Local, Act Personal to provide care support to those who are in need within the community. Our partnership framework is motivated to re-enable citizens requiring integrated care (An example is health and social care) to live normal and independent life. Our support team are an integral part of the process that ensures that service delivery plans are met. Our culture is focused on services fulfillment and continuous innovation through staff training.

We understand and observed the principles of care:


Stockwellcare is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and a member of United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA). These associations and our experienced team provides regulatory guidance which enables us maintain a cutting edge within the care sector. We are a small to medium sized organisation based in Streatham, South West London providing services to the Greater London area and communities nationwide

Mission Statement

"StockwellCare Support Services aims to achieve Total satisfaction. We have in place a strategic partnership framework to collaborate with local councils and other agencies in providing integrated care support that is relevant to the needs of the service users in our community. Our services are led by our clients who control the service we deliver. Through this approach, we have attained a reputation of delivering high quality care. This reputation is being sustained by our robust quality monitoring measures. Our policy is to maintain high level of confidentiality for both service users and staff."